• About Us


    Since 2010, Stomp, Chomp & Roll has been filling Charlotte bellies with food and laughter by bringing innovative, quality dining experiences to the Queen City. Stepping into one of our establishments, one can expect to be greeted by a friendly, professional wait staff that believes customer satisfaction is their vocation. The team at Stomp, Chomp & Roll is committed to using the highest quality ingredients and providing comfortable, accessible dinning and event experiences that exceed customers’ expectations. Stomp, Chomp & Roll restaurants share one simple philosophy:
    Make good food, be involved in the community and be good to employees and guests. The company philosophy is based on the core values, which include:


    • Passion: We infuse a passion for merit in our approach to people, goods, services, facilities and systems within each of our brands.

    • Ethical Foundation: We are built on the honesty, integrity and moral standards of our founder and leadership.

    • Commitment: We are committed to ensure respect and caring as integral parts of every facet within our company, starting with our guests and our team.

    • Growth: We are motivated to grow by growing our people.

    • Culture: Fun and fellowship are the cornerstones of our culture.


    Stomp, Chomp & Roll is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was founded in 2010 by Will Bigham. This local restaurateur began as a franchisee in 2004, owning and operating two Charlotte, NC Flying Biscuit Café’s (Park Rd & StoneCrest), a Mama Fu’s (Cotswold), a Monkey Joe’s (Cotswold) and a Moe’s Southwest Grill (University). After successfully operating these franchises for several years, Mr. Bigham and his team decided to sell the majority of these franchises, keeping only the Flying Biscuit Café. Since opening his first original concept, The Pizza Peel & Tap Room (Cotswold), in 2010, Stomp, Chomp & Roll has grown to five restaurants within three different brands, two of which are original concepts; The Pizza Peel & Tap Room and The Improper Pig.


    Stomp, Chomp & Roll is proud to introduce its first food truck, “The Oinker,” which features a select menu from The Improper Pig: a BBQ/Asian flair concept.


    Each color in the logo has a significant meaning. These colors were selected by owner Will Bigham for his love of reggae music. He explains, “Each color has a meaning within our company as they do in the reggae community. They represent the levels of culture and community for our people when they join our team. That is where Stomp, Comp & Roll comes in.”

    “Stomper” - Gold/Yellow: Warmth and new beginnings: Promotes confidence for a brighter future.

    “Chomper” - Red: Love, hard work, command, attention, strength and power: This stage is where you come in.

    “Roller” - Green: Life, growth, renewal and health.