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    Catering Contact

    Jess Randall 980-349-8487 impropercatering@gmail.com

    What do you mean by Catering?

    Stomp, Chomp & Roll Catering is our solution for your need to offer breakfast, lunch or dinner for groups of 5 people or more. Our catering clients range from teachers, coaches and sales representatives, to brides, business executives, church conference planners and administrative assistants. We package and price our catering menu items to facilitate easy travel, unloading and set up for large groups and scrupulous clients.

    What sets Stomp Chomp & Roll Catering apart?

    Everything at Stomp Chomp & Roll is sliced and cut fresh daily. All catering is made to order. Stomp Chomp & Roll catering specialists deliver excellent customer service and will let you know ahead of time if you won’t have enough food, or are ordering too much! Our goal is to make your event an enjoyable and stress-free success for all. Every catering order is double checked before it leaves the building to ensure accuracy! We will have everything ready for you to pick up, and assist you to the car; or if you prefer we will deliver and set up your order on site. We can arrange to meet with you personally in one of our locations to create a custom menu for any special events you may have.

    Whats included in my catering order

    All catering orders include plates, napkins, cutlery, and serving utensils. Chaffing racks and sternos are available for a nominal fee.

    When do I need to place my order?

    We request that you place your catering order 24 hours in advance. If you have a very large order of several hundred to several thousand guests, we would appreciate more advanced notice, but will do our best to meet all of your needs in a timely manner. We understand that you may have a last minute emergency – we will always do our best to get your order prepared as quickly as possible.

    Do you deliver?

    We are pleased to deliver your catering orders. Our driver will gladly unpack and set-up your order for you as well. We want to assist to make your event as perfect as possible! Delivery times are available on a first-come first served basis and depend upon distance and daily demands, but placing an order in advance will help make sure you get your preferred delivery window. There is a standard delivery fee of $25 up to 8 miles. More than 8 miles is subject to an increased delivery rate which varies based on location. % Service Fee does apply to Delivery Orders with a minimum fee of $5.00 and a maximum fee of $75.00. Gratuity is strictly optional.

    What is the best way to order catering?

    There are three ways to place a catering order. Order by phone with our Catering Coordinator or Manager on duty or email your order in. We ask that you please call to let us know if you emailed an order, so we can confirm with you right away.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    Cancellations must be 12 hours prior to the pickup or delivery time. Charges of 50% may apply for any cancellations with less than 12 hour notice.

    What’s Included?

    Box lunches include a side item, a large freshly baked cookie and all condiments on the side. All Sandwich/Wrap trays include Lays Chips and pickle spears. All Salad Trays include dressings and croutons on the side. We provide complimentary: plates, utensils, tongs, napkins, and more… upon request. Order “the works” with your gallon beverages and we will provide all of the cups, lemons, sweeteners, and ice you need! Vegetarian and Gluten free options available.

    Is Online Ordering available?

    You can e-mail the completed form to impropercatering@gmail.com. Please allow for 48 hours lead time.

    Need professional help?

    Our Catering Manager, Jess Randall will meet with you individually to create a customized proposal and will help make your conference, wedding, or special event an enjoyable success for all! Please feel free to email “set up an event planning meeting” on our website and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

    How do I pay?

    We accept Cash, All Major Credit Cards: MC, VISA, AMEX, Discover Card, or Company Check. Cash is only accepted for an in-store purchase. Check payment is subject to select business. All payment is secured safely in advance to guarantee your order, however payment is not processed until the day of your delivery. 24 hour notice for all catering orders (Less than 24 hours can be accommodated based on total guests)

    Is Gratuity Included?

    Gratuity is not included. Gratuity is per the discretion of the customer based on quality of service

    What happens if I Cancel?

    Cancellations must be 24 hours prior to pick-up or delivery time. Charges of 50% may apply for any cancellation with less than 24 hours notices.